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We want to be as transparent about our Privacy Policy as possible, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

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Requests and Cookies

When you're visiting a web page, downloading required assets for it or using certain features, a request will be sent, of which we store

in correlation for up to 3 months in United Kingdom.

This information is shared with the US-based company Cloudflare (Cloudflare's privacy policy) who will also set a unique cookie to identify you. Cloudflare and we use this information to mitigate attacks.

Aditionally, if you log in to,,,,; we will set a unique cookie which proves ownership of your account so you can use our service under that account.

GDPR Rights

In case you find yourself unable to use a specific right granted to you by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]

We recognize your GDPR rights, even if you don't live in the EU.

Google Integrations

Our services,,,,; use Google Analytics, Google AdSense, and/or "Login with Google" US-based company Google for all of which Google's Privacy Policy applies.

Google Analytics is used for analytical purposes and its data is stored with Google for up to 26 months.

Google AdSense is used to display ads for which we get financial compensation. Google will show you personalized ads if possible and retain data about your visit for further personalization.

If you Login with Google, Google will remember that you authorized our service until you click "Remove Access" in their "Apps with access to your account" options, and we will retain

in United Kingdom until you delete your account for the purpose of providing you with an account and profile.

Other Integrations

If you Login with or link your account of one of the following services to an account of any of our services, we will store your unique username in United Kingdom until you unlink that service for the purpose of displaying it on your profile and/or providing you with an account:

Aditionally, the service(s) themselves will remember that you authorized our service until you unauthorize it.


When you chose to create an account on, we will store

When you chose to create an account on, we will store

Authentication Keys

When you generate a authentication key using, we will store

in correlation in United Kingdom in order to re-deliver and renew your subscription for the time the whitelist is valid.

Your IP address will be shared with Cloudflare and Pain Exist so your wihtelist can be issued.

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