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Aqua Hit
24/05/2023 87 1 648

This Project Slayers script offers a variety of features to help players progress through the game more quickly and easily, including kill aura, teleports, and godmode.

Aqua Hit
24/05/2023 219 0 923

This Blox Fruits script offers a variety of features to help players, including spectating players, auto farming players, teleporting to players, aimbot gun, aimbot skill, enabling PVP, enabling safe mode, auto farming bounty, teleporting to all locations, auto keyboard W, damage aura, unlocking door race V4, and supports mobile.

Aqua Hit
24/05/2023 74 0 471

This Blox Fruits script offers a variety of auto farm features to help players level up, farm mobs, collect materials, open chests, defeat bosses, and progress through the seas.

Auto Farm Level: This feature will automatically farm experience points for the player, allowing them to level up quickly.
Auto Farm Mobs: This feature will automatically attack and defeat mobs, allowing the player to collect their drops.
Auto Farm Materials: This feature will automatically collect materials from the environment, such as wood, stone, and metal.
Auto Farm Chests: This feature will automatically open chests, allowing the player to collect their contents.
Auto Defeat Bosses: This feature will automatically attack and defeat bosses, allowing the player to collect their drops.
Auto Sea Progression: This feature will automatically teleport the player to the next sea, allowing them to progress through the game more quickly.

Aqua Hit
12/05/2023 36 0 506
Bomb Click Mine AUTO FARM

Auto train: This feature will automatically train your character for you, so you can focus on other things, such as exploring the game world or completing quests.
Auto bomb: This feature will automatically bomb mines for you, so you can collect more resources and earn more money.
Bomb quantity: This feature will allow you to set the number of bombs that you want to be dropped at a time.
Auto teleport to mine: This feature will automatically teleport you to the nearest mine, so you can start mining right away.
Auto win: This feature will automatically win the game for you, so you can get the rewards without having to play.
Auto rebirth: This feature will automatically rebirth your character for you, so you can start the game over with a new character and new stats.
Game optimization: This feature will optimize the game for your device, so you can play the game with the best possible performance.

Aqua Hit
12/05/2023 130 0 569

This is a simple server lagger for 6 popular roblox games that includes


Aqua Hit
12/05/2023 10 0 219
Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun FREE GUI – REWRITTEN

Auto farm mobs and bosses: This feature will automatically farm mobs and bosses for you, so you can focus on other things, such as exploring the game world or completing quests.
Instant unlock the lute: The lute is a powerful weapon that can be unlocked by completing a series of quests. With this script, you can instantly unlock the lute, so you can start using it right away.
Kill aura: This feature will automatically target and kill enemies for you, so you can focus on staying alive.
God mode: This feature will make you invincible, so you can't be killed.
Auto breathing: This feature will automatically breathe for you, so you don't have to worry about running out of breath.
Teleports: This feature will allow you to teleport to any location in the game world, so you can quickly get to where you need to go.
Server hop: This feature will allow you to change servers, so you can find a server that is more suitable for your playstyle.

Aqua Hit
09/05/2023 18 0 267
Build And Battle! ADMIN SCRIPT

Roblox Build Battle Admin Script with Freeze, Kill, Destroy Aura Commands

F: This command freezes the player your mouse is on.
R: This command kills the player your mouse is on.
H: This command turns on the fun destroy aura.
T: This command turns off the aura.

Aqua Hit
09/05/2023 17 0 252
Tatakai remastered free gui

Roblox Tatakai Remastered Script with Auto Gloves, Auto Roadwork, Auto Training, Auto Run, Anti Mod, Auto Eat, Auto Buy Food, Auto Deposit, Auto Job, Auto Buy Items, and More!

Auto Gloves: This feature automatically equips the best gloves for your current level.
Auto Roadwork: This feature automatically completes the Roadwork quest.
Auto Training: This feature automatically completes the Training quest.
Auto Run: This feature allows you to run at maximum speed without having to hold down the W key.
Anti Mod: This feature prevents the game from detecting that you are using a script.
Auto Eat: This feature automatically eats food when your hunger bar is low.
Auto Buy Food: This feature automatically buys food from the food store.
Auto Deposit: This feature automatically deposits your money into your bank account.
Auto Job: This feature automatically completes jobs for you.
Auto Buy Items: This feature automatically buys items from the item store.

Aqua Hit
09/05/2023 12 0 280
Skeered hub free

This is a script hub for the 8 following roblox games PROJECT MUGETSU, TATAKAI:REMASTER,

Aqua Hit
08/05/2023 30 0 285
Universal chat lag

This is a universal script for the roblox chat system that causes powerful and automtic lag

Roblox did an update where some unicodes would lag the shit out of people when pasted a bunch of times into the chat

Aqua Hit
08/05/2023 28 0 2K+

Here are some of the features of the Roblox Project Mangetsu Script:

Modify the stats of any item
Add new effects to items
Create entirely new items from scratch
Easy to use

Aqua Hit
02/05/2023 39 0 536

Do you love trolling? Well you're in luck! When ever you die with this script executed, you'll chat a random artical from a wikipedia.

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