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Tot Kto Iz Niotkuda exploits
25/03/2021 2K+ 7K+
[Prison Life] Grab Knife(WORKING!)

About script: Working [OP SCRIPT]FE Grab Knife, only for Prison Life!Only you can see the knife, but people die for all(not only for you).To equipe knife: Z


grab knife, prison life knife, prison life kill all, prison life, prison life op script

The cheat triggered my anti-virus, why?

Any software may trigger a reaction with your anti-virus, this does not mean it actually is a virus. These false positives are usually caused by Obfuscation/Packing and Encryption.

Unable to the download the software, it keeps getting deleted or wont download.

If you are unable to download the software ensure your anti-virus is disabled, this will prevent the deletion of the files. If your brwoser states that the download was "blocked" simply head over to the downloads section on your browser and press "keep".

The cheat is giving me a null injection or not injecting.

Ensure you have the recommended visual C++ redistributables for Visual Studio, you may download the x64 and x86 version here, once installed restart your device.

The software application will not open.

Ensure you have the latest version of .NET Framework, you may download it from here, you must download the runtime and install it.

The software or script is crashing my game...

This could mean many things, certain Software require weekly updating for the most recent versioning of the game, if the execution of a script is crashing your game this could mean the Software does not support the script. You can check if the Software is up to date by checking the date on the website.

23/04/2021 389 6K+
Ro-Wizard GUI

New GUI for Ro-Wizard!

Features this script contains:

- Click TP {Hold CTRL then click anywhere to teleport}
- Walkspeed {Set how fast your character runs}

- Hoop Farm
- Orb Farm
[Main Cheats]
+ Wand Mods
- Insta Hit
- No Safe Zone
- Kill All
- Free Store
- Grab Broom
- Hitbox Extender {set HitBox Size]

Game Link:!/about

Aqua Hit
30/04/2023 89 1K+
Super hero tycoon script

Get ahead in Roblox Super Hero Tycoon with this powerful script that allows you to steal other players' cash, gears, and crates.

Steal Cash: The script allows you to steal other players' cash. This can be done by simply clicking on their character.
Steal Gears: The script allows you to steal other players' gears. Gears are items that can be equipped to give your character special abilities.
Steal Crates: The script allows you to steal other players' crates. Crates are items that can be opened to get rewards, such as cash, gears, and items.
Remove Lazer Doors: The script allows you to remove lazer doors. Lazer doors are barriers that prevent you from accessing certain areas of the game.