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v60x alt

v60x alt
10/03/2021 212 5K+
Economy Crasher [Back!]

Yes, the script is back once again!
You can read the changelog within the download of the script.

Pet Clicks Simulator has a new game and all of the functions still work.
Game link:

v60x alt
09/03/2021 825 6K+
R6 Animations

This script is entirely FE!
Functions (as seen in the screenshot)
- Heil animation
- R6 Penis
- Seizures (flings you if you use shiftlock)
- Swastika
- Long Neck
- Wank Anim

Will improve the UI soon!

v60x alt
05/03/2021 340 6K+
Clicker Madness AutoClicker

Game link:

This gui bypasses anti-autoclickers within the click guis.

You can add on to this gui if you'd like, this was just a small script.