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ETERNITY Community
14/01/2021 930 6K+
GOESP (Windows, macOS, Linux)

- I don't recommend you use the cheat in your main steam account there is a small chance you will be banned

"GOESP" is a cheat known for only wallhack so it means u can see locations off all the people in the game.

- How do I open menu?
Press INSERT while focused on CS:GO window. [ Not for 60% keyboards]

- Is the ESP visible on recording?
Nope, but you have to uncheck 'Capture external overlays' option in your recording software.


cheat, wallhack, free, goesp, esp, safe

The cheat triggered my anti-virus, why?

Any software may trigger a reaction with your anti-virus, this does not mean it actually is a virus. These false positives are usually caused by Obfuscation/Packing and Encryption.

Unable to the download the software, it keeps getting deleted or wont download.

If you are unable to download the software ensure your anti-virus is disabled, this will prevent the deletion of the files. If your brwoser states that the download was "blocked" simply head over to the downloads section on your browser and press "keep".

The cheat is giving me a null injection or not injecting.

Ensure you have the recommended visual C++ redistributables for Visual Studio, you may download the x64 and x86 version here, once installed restart your device.

The software application will not open.

Ensure you have the latest version of .NET Framework, you may download it from here, you must download the runtime and install it.

The software or script is crashing my game...

This could mean many things, certain Software require weekly updating for the most recent versioning of the game, if the execution of a script is crashing your game this could mean the Software does not support the script. You can check if the Software is up to date by checking the date on the website.

ETERNITY Community
14/01/2021 2K+ 6K+
NetSense Legit cheat

Before you use the cheat i dont recommend you using it on your main account

A good cheat for CSGO NetSense - Legit, Rage, Skins that you can download for free. Multi-functional hack on the popular online game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Convenient and simple menu that opens right during the game. The functionality is mainly for aggressive play or playing on servers with other cheaters. There is also a working skinchanger, antiaim, Resolver, AA, Legit Resolver and legitbot, as well as other auxiliary functions for a comfortable game. Use the cheat at your own risk, there is a chance of getting banned.

27/12/2020 1K+ 6K+ Version 3 Cracked

This cheat has been out for a while now and it is pretty good if you know how to use it correctly!
If you want more of these cheats just join my discord!